Riga (Latvia), Berlin (Germany)

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MAIŅAS PUNKTS / SWAP SHOP is cooperation project initiated by Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. (Berlin) and creative team of cafe TAKA (Riga).

MAIŅAS PUNKTS / SWAP SHOP plays with the idea of other values than what is manifested by a monetary currency. We claim that everything is already produced. On this Earth we have enough food, homes, clothes for everyone. Only not everyone has enough time to buy it. MAIŅAS PUNKTS / SWAP SHOP is a place where no money is used. In order to get the items, knowledge or skills which are offered in the shop, people have to exchange with their belongings - either its time, skills or knowledge.

The Swap shop installation consists of 3 possible exchange points - knowledge, time and items. MAIŅAS PUNKTS/ SWAP SHOP is a place where the customer himself estimates the actual value of the items.