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Mesa, AZ

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Andy Poland is a former Mormon. Andy was born and raised LDS, is a returned missionary from the Ohio Columbus Mission; temple endowed, and was sealed to his wife Lori in the Mesa Arizona Temple in Aug 1994. In Jan 2003 he left Mormonism and embraced a Biblical belief in Jesus. Since his conversion, he has worked with Concerned Christians teaching in many churches and conferences about the differences between Mormonism and his current beliefs in Jesus. Andy has a profound faith in Jesus and loves to talk about God’s love. Since January 2009, Andy has been leading Concerned Christians following in the footsteps of the founders Jim and Judy Robertson. Through Concerned Christians, Andy has hosted the former Mormon testimony podcast Out of Mormonism, provided online training on how to witness to Mormons, and helped organize multiple DVD witnessing campaigns. Andy is a father of five children. He makes his home with his wife and five kids in Apache Junction, AZ.

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