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  1. Nice post, but...... If the audio is "fixed" now, I don't want to even imagine how bad it was before. Audio is generally regarded as 40-60% of the production value of video, please use a couple of good quality lavs. Please.
  2. At some point, it would great if some A-Cam user could do a dynamic range test to determine how many usable stops of latitude this camera has. I am hoping for at least 11 stops.
  3. Thanks for posting. Sounds very promising.
  4. The interviewer is worried about on-board audio. Why worry about sound on this type of a purist camera? Makes no sense. For best audio use separate sound recorders and high-end mics, and sync with time code. I can't believe how spot on this designer's…
  5. It would have been nice to see the AF100 equipped with CP2 lenses for a comparison. I also think a bit more work in post would have brought the AF100 closer to the F3.
  6. I do like the AF100, but I would have been one of those willing to pay extra to have 140Mbps bitrate built-in if it provided more headroom and latitude in post, especially for low-light. Having to attach a Nanoflash to get the best out of this camera…