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Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Good For Her is Toronto's cozy, comfortable place where women and their admirers can find a variety of high quality sex toys, books, DVDs, workshops, sensual art, and much more.

We've been around for 11 years now, and Good For Her still strives to carry the highest quality products that celebrate women's sexuality. This means excellent materials that won’t harm your body, and an approach to sex that gives you the ability to make the best decisions possible for yourself. We buy locally when possible, and encourage environmentally responsible products and packaging from our suppliers.

We hope to meet the needs of a variety of women, regardless of sexual orientation or age or partner status (i.e. single, celibate, in love, committed, married, monogamous, polyamorous, looking, all of the above...). We are committed to creating a safe space for women to learn about the sensitive topic of sexuality and to buy products that meet their sexual needs and/or desires.

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