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Gavin Heffernan's work has been featured in numerous publications & television broadcasts around the world, including National Geographic, Huffington Post, CBS News, WIRED, The Los Angeles Times, and many more. His timelapses are currently being featured at 35,000 feet on VIRGIN AMERICA'S In-flight channel with BOING BOING and shots have been used in Science Channel's ALIEN ENCOUNTERS, Travel Channel's TRIP FLIP, the celebrated LGBT documentary MATT SHEPARD IS A FRIEND OF MINE and more.

Celebrity shares & tweets include Oscar winner Jared Leto, Roger Corman, Gordon Ramsay & Bruce Campbell.
Look for some of Gavin's spooky timelapses in the upcoming Bad Hat Harry / Millennium horror feature THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN, a project he co-wrote and co-executive produced with partner Adam Robitel. In August 2014, Gavin was interviewed for the Discovery Science show "NASA's Unexplained Files" regarding the mysterious unidentified objected caught in DEATH VALLEY DREAMLAPSE. Expected Episode Date Spring 2015.

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