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Gavin Heffernan is a filmmaker and photographer specializing in timelapse and experimental film. Work has been featured in numerous publications and television broadcasts around the world, including TIME, National Geographic, CBS News, WIRED and many more. His timelapses are featured in the 2015 Rolling Stones ZIP CODE stadium tour and can now be seen at 35,000 feet on VIRGIN AMERICA'S In-flight TV. He recently partnered with BBC EARTH on a trilogy of astrophotography shorts and in 2014, BRAVO hired him to shoot LA timelapses for Season One of their first scripted show, GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE.

In 2015, Heffernan and frequent photography partner Harun Mehmedinovic collaborated on SKYGLOW, a crowdfunded book and Blu Ray set to tackle the rising danger and damage of urban light pollution. The fundraising campaign generated a tremendous amount of publicity and ended on May 9, 2015 as the fourth most successful Kickstarter campaign in the Photobooks category. SKYGLOW is expected to release in 2016.

Also look for some of Gavin's spooky timelapses in the successful Bad Hat Harry / Millennium horror feature THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN, a project he co-wrote and co-executive produced with partner Adam Robitel.

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