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It says you should write something here about yourself. Okay, here goes.. I'm Dr. William Chestnut - a teacher, simple filmmaker, lover of quality images and sound, webmaster, musician, radio / television broadcaster (the profile photo above was taken back in '95 on a national television shoot in Vail, Colorado) / webcaster, writer, and motorcycle rider. I have a broadcast Betacam but for filming I use the GH1 / GH2 hacked cameras. Possibly looking to add the BMCC or BMPCC.


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  1. Looks nice. What were your camera settings? Is this color graded or just from the camera? Thank you for sharing.
  2. This footage looks great. What were your camera settings if I may ask? Is this film color graded or just from the camera? Thanks for sharing.
  3. I had to look 3 times at your description to make sure this wasn't the 2.5k. Amazing clarity. The pocket, in the right hands using RAW, shines bright. Great work. More Please!