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David Chen is an American actor, writer and stuntman. David was born April 26th 1980 in Newark, NJ. David is of mixed heritage sharing, Samoan, African American and Chinese ancestry. David Chen began studying martial arts at the age 5 and advancing through the years. At age 14 David joined the Drama Guild at St. Benedicts Prep in Newark NJ. He was also on the wrestling team at St. Benedicts. While on the Drama Guild David worked as the fight choreographer and set designer. At age 17 David decided to take his acting career more seriously. He got the opportunity to be an extra in Wes Cravens, Music of the Heart. While working on Music of the Heart someone from the production team gave David a larger role but the scene was edited out. Through the years David Chen has also done extra work for Spider Man 2 & 3, Shaft (2000), War of the World and I am Legend. David Chen has set his life goal to be the next if not the only “Samoan Action Star”. In 2007 David was cast in the Indie upcoming action movie Fight the Panda Syndicate. David Chen plays a Brazilian Agent named Diego De Castillo’s. In movie David got to show his martial arts talents as well as acting. His excellent work in this film got him the lead in the 2011 sequel that’s in works. Other Indie films he’s worked on include Hot Baby and Last Call. In 2009 David Chen wrote his first screenplay called Love Don’t Love Me and started his own film production company called Talofa Films under which the film Love Don’t Love Me is being produced.


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