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Denver, Colorado

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Jaque Charles is Director/producer/writer living in the Denver area. She went to the Art Institute of Colorado. She produces/writes/edit/directs her own videos. Coming from NYC, where she did motion graphics, graphic design, she's always been interested in videography, and production. Back in the nineties Jacque was a camera assistant in the film world, after various jobs in that industry Jacque decided that it was time to jump into the world of post-production in the world of advertising. After 4 yrs of that, Jacque decided to move out of NY to go to school in Denver. Jacque is now living in Denver, and making short films and Documentaries. There's a couple of project in the works for Jacque, but she can't do it alone.
So if you want to make contact I can always use a little help. So come, and create some fabulous, creative videos with Jacque. The more the merier.


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