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After their successful first cd, 'Old Tunes, Dusted Down' – a concept album devoted to the impressive field work of folklorist Hubert Boone – MANdolinMAN now takes on the challenge of exploring yet another musical style: Bossa Nova! On their new album, the foursome perform well-known Bossa Nova classics as well as self-written compositions. A unique take on the sound of Brasil! The 'MANdolinMAN plays Bossa Nova' fullalbum will be released in February 2013!
About the first album 'Old Tunes, Dusted Down':

The first fullalbum of MANdolinMAN ( Belgium ) is a real concept album. The whole album is dedicated to the unique fieldwork of Hubert Boone (Nederokkerzeel, °1940) that deserves a musical tribute. The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Luc Weytjens (

"The titanic and dedicated fieldwork of father and son John and Alan Lomax, preserving the American folk and blues tradition, has indisputably contributed to our ongoing familiarity with that musical heritage. To a considerable extent, their work has influenced the western musical 'pop' mainstream, and it continues to do so to this day. Each in their own way, people like Ry Cooder and Richard Thompson are working in a similar vein: Cooder blending traditional North and Central American musical genres, Thompson bringing new life to traditional Anglo-Saxon music. All to our musical benefit. Not many people know that we have our own ‘Lomax’ in our parts, a folklorist who, since the early sixties, has eagerly and consistently travelled the land to save a truckload of traditional melodies from oblivion (and thus extinction). Like no other, the wonderful and unique fieldwork of Hubert Boone (Nederokkerzeel, °1940) deserves a musical tribute.

Just like Alan Lomax followed in his father's footsteps, Hubert's son Andries Boone (Leuven, °1977) started the MANdolinMAN project, in order to bring his father's notations to life. He does so in a very distinct way, together with three kindred spirits: mandolinists Peter-Jan Daems, Dirk Naessens and Maarten Decombel. Being played on a very well-known instrument as the mandolin, the 'local' melodies (from Eppegem, Hever, Zaventem, Elewijt ...) become timeless and universal. Even, a trained ear will find it difficult to locate some of the origins. Echoes of Appalachia? Northumbrian sprightliness? Melancholy from Lisbon? Cape Verdean elegance? No, nothing like that: the wonderful instrumental music of MANdolinMAN stems from Flanders and its environs. I can't imagine a more fitting tribute to Hubert Boone and his work."

Jan De Smet, June 2011

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