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New writer/director Daniella Daemy is DD production. Inspired by directors like Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and David Lynch. Daniella wants to explore what she calls everyday cultural schizophrenia: how personal ideals clash with society and then deform, the struggle to define what we really want, the schizophrenia of the human condition.

‘Sardines in a Can’ is Daniella’s first short outside of university and we are currently seeking a producer that can make it a feature film. The idea came when Daniella moved to London and was intrigued by its vast array of different cultures that at the same time were looking for many of the same things: the search for a happy ending in one way or another.

While studying for a Masters in Fine Arts and Photography Daniella has been writing about the people she meets every day, and it is the multitude which she found in London for the same reason – running away from someone or something – that inspired ‘Sardines’. Daniella cast actors which had personal experiences of this, wanted to create something with a European feel and worked with a crew coming from various parts of the globe.

The short is very much a teaser, a slice of life from the feature film which itself is a refreshing slice of realism where self-reflection, self-image, self-doubt and self-confidence come together.

Based on a true story, dark drama Sardines In A Can follows three girls from three very different backgrounds in search of a new beginning on their move to London.

Sara, an Indian girl, is forced to leave her home and her son behind after refusing an arranged marriage. Anna is trying to escape Geneva which holds the memories of her cheating fiancé and the abuse of her father. And Nadia discharges herself from a Spanish hospital where she was receiving treatment for depression that has hung over her since a fatal car crash involving her and her father. Ending up in the same house, these girls deal with their past and present together, each on a personal journey of self destruction and discovery.


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