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Hand Crank Films is named after the Bell & Howell 70 hand crank film camera that I used to shoot our initial :30 television spots in the summer of 2005. The clients of our small town of Bellingham, Washington loved the high-quality tactile feel of the old film camera. From there, the “handmade” essence of Hand Crank Films was forged.
Since that first summer, we’ve grown to produce one feature film, over 100 commercials, 40 corporate videos, and a documentary which was recenly broadcast to over 2M people nationwide in HD on PBS. We produce work for local companies and national alike. Along the way, we’ve progressed in production mediums from 16mm, to HD, to 4K.
Although our work has taken off nationally and internationally, our budgets have remained decidedly small-town. We work with producers and agencies around the country who find that getting top-notch filming, editing, and visual effects work for a fraction of big city prices is easy—thanks to our Internet video reviewing process.
Our boutique only produces films. We do not do print, web, or any other kind of media that would interfere with our focus of giving our clients the absolute best-looking film work for their money.

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