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  1. 01:29


    by Echo Park Film Center

    1 Video

    Films and videos about Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit media arts organization in Los Angeles.

  2. 01:13:12

    Adult Workshops

    by Echo Park Film Center

    7 Videos

    An array of film and video workshops for adults at Echo Park Film Center.

  3. 39:45

    FREE TIME AND SUNSHINE: Fall 2013 EPFC Youth Class

    by Echo Park Film Center

    1 Video

    This documentary film project explores, examines and celebrates the role of the humble home movie as it pertains to life in mid-20th century Southern California and the perpetuation of the American…

  4. 01:10:09

    THE BODY: Fall 2012 EPFC Youth Class

    by Echo Park Film Center

    18 Videos

    Over a 13-week period during the Fall of 2012, 24 students between the ages of 10 and 19 embarked on a cinematic exploration of the human body, utilizing a wide array of techniques, tools, points…

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