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Catherine Sarah Manna proud Vegan!

singer/songwriter and co-producers of music and a documentary called 'For the love of the Game" 100 years of Hockey history in Trail B.C Canada.

music is a gift, and to make a difference with the message of love and hope to help heal the world. is a blessing from above!

One small drop of water causes the whole Ocean to Ripple

We all can make a difference, individually by our choices we make, and make the changes that will make this world, a better place, cleaner, brighter, and better all around!

Save our precious rainforests, use free and clear energy resources, be a part of the solution because you can!

believe in the power of you and you will succeed!!!

all you need is love knowlege and know how!! and a plan to make that change today for tommorow..

Make the difference..

Go Veg, Be green and help heal the world and ....YOU!!

You are loved!!!

Be Blessed...with love peace good health and Longevity!!

with love Catherine Sarah Manna

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