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Our work is innovative and astonishing - we want the viewer to experience a positive shock. We want our motto - "New dimension" - to become a part of the story. We are hunting life and making stories. Our challenge is motivation. Motivation is art. Art is life.

The works of this group are prefer to be for the festival displays.

Carniolus is like a living soul. It grows with the enthusiasm of independent artists in the field of audio-visual communications.With it`s scenic and figurative audio-visual image exceeds forms of expression and always builds it`s own image in a flood of other media.

Why diversity? We started with photography as the basic mode of expression. Gradually our creativeness outgrew the range of static photography, and we used our experiences to create motion picture. Our view through the camera is - more than anything else - a view from a topmost photographic standpoint. We focus our attention to compositional directing and use different means to ensure the right content. Our works are an expression of the authors' creativity, using precise takes and well-thought scenography of the natural background. We are highly self-critical, which results in high-quality end products.

Works from members of our group can be seen in various magazines, publications, fashion catalogues and different displays worldwide. We had independent displays in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, KUD France Preseren in Ljubljana, Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec, Photo gallery in Zagreb, City Hall in Dubrovnik, Pula, Brisbane, New York, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Paris etc.

We are proud that we have a >Slovenian Photographer of the Year< 2004.

Our works are increasingly present in short film festivals around the world and receiving quite positive reviews.

Vimeo is a great community to introduce ourselves.



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