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Jassem Hindi
Born in 81 in Saudi Arabia - French mother, Palestinian father. French / Lebanese passports.
Living in Paris - working in the fields of sound, performance and temporary objects.

To play music I use lo-fi electro-acoustic material: diverted machines, amplified broken objects, metal and wood scraps, contact microphones, tapes, no-fi field recordings, no input mixing board, feedback.
Primarily focusing on the tension between a musical gesture and raw sound material, generated by nervousness and necessity, casting unstable piles of electric fields and rough cut ups.
My working method extends to the fields of visual and performative arts, by derivation and commutation of ideas and techniques found within the latter fields.
I regularly collaborates with choreographs, performers and visual artists, both as a musician and as a maker in general.
I have worked with improvisers and performers from various countries.
My current collaborations so far this year include Jakob Riis, Olivier Di Placido, Axel Dörner, Mia Habib, Rani Nair, Magda Mayas, Jenny Beyer, Sebastian Matthias, Keith Hennessy.
I am a Sweet & Tender collaborator.

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