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Just some of the main credits Milansteadicam work on:


2013: (F S/cam) Nice Package (AUS) (Director Dan Macarthur) (DOP Andrew Conder)
2012: (F S/cam) Fragrant Harbour (teamWorx Television & Film GmbH)
2012: (F S/cam) The Hunters Club (AUS) – (DOP Dirk Foulger)
2012: (F S/cam) Absolute Deception– (AUS/USA) (Dir Brian Tranchard-Smith)
(DOP Dan Macarthur)
2011: (F S/cam) Go Goa Gone – (India) (DOP Dan Macarthur)
2011: (F S/cam) Phoenix Rising - (DOP Brigham Edgar)
2011: (F S/cam) 18 - (DOP Richard Bell)
2010: (F S/cam) Love and Death on Java
(teamWorx Television & Film GmbH) - (DOP Marc Prill)
2010: (F S/cam) Charge Over You (AUS) – (Simon Smith)
2010: (F S/cam) Bad Behaviour (AUS) – (DOP Justin Cerato)
2010: (F S/cam) Girl Clock (AUS) – (DOP Nicola Daley)
2009: (F S/cam) Mind Fire (AUS) – (DOP Gareth Lee)
2009: (F S/cam) Don’t Show Mother (AUS) – (DOP Richard Bell)
2009: (F S/cam) Dartworth (AUS) – (DOP Travis Trewin)
2009: (F S/cam) Bad Moon Rising (AUS) – Trailer (DOP John Stokes, acs)
2009: (F S/cam) EagleHawk (AUS) – Trailer (DOP Jason Hargreaves)
2009: (F S/cam) Blood money (AUS-HK-USA) – (DOP Dan Macarthur)
2009: (F S/cam) Shadows of the Past (AUS) – (DOP Dave Russell)
2008: (F S/cam) Sleeper (AUS) – (DOP Dan Macarthur)
2008: (F S/cam) Crooked Business (AUS) – (DOP Mark Wareham)
2007: (F S/cam) The Dark Lurking (AUS) – (DOP Dirk Foulger)

Music video:

2011: (S/cam) QUT Music festival promo – DOP Nick Paton ACS
2011: (S/cam) Sarah McLeod – Screaming Bikini Easy
2011: (S/cam) Brian McFadden – That’s How Live Goes
2011: (S/cam) Brian McFadden – Come Party With me
2011: (S/cam) The Fatty Gets A Stylist clip
2011: (S/cam) Giant Sleeps - Tim Nelson and the Cub Scouts
2010: (S/cam) Rock this club – Dafina Zeqiri

Live show:

2013: (S/cam) Keith Urban live concert in Brisbane (CH10)
2010: (S/cam) The Verge /Internet TV(AUS)
2009: (S/cam) ABBA Mania live GC (AUS)
2009: (S/cam) Jimmy Barnes live GC (AUS)
2009: (S/cam) National Final Rodeo Live GC (AUS)
2008: (S/cam) Soccer Tournament 2008 (AUS)
2007: (Cam) David Jones Live – Opening with Delta Goodrem (AUS)


2012: (S/cam) Isuzu DMAX TVC (DOP Mark Wareham)
2011: (S/cam) Swisse - TVC Brisbane ( Ricky Ponting)
2011: (S/cam) Voyager Duty Shoes - TVC
2011: (S/cam) Swisse – TVC Sydney ( Ricky Ponting, Israel Folau)
2011: (S/cam) Swisse – TVC Gold Coast ( Karmichael Hunt)
2010: (S/cam) Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – (Visual Jazz) - TVC


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