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Are you wondering what Cirque du Cabaret is all about?

Cirque du Cabaret is a burlesque cabaret show and international Events Company currently based in London. We host events, private parties, create bespoke shows just for you. All the performers you see on film are available for hire.

We love all vintage forms of entertainment and try to pay homage where and when ever possible, through our showcase events, corporate and charity events.

We want our shows to change current cabaret, circus and vaudeville formats as we know them, pushing the existing boundaries to create new parameters!

We are proud to be a source of unique kinetic cabaret sights, sounds and delights and we hope we can entertain and impress you with our amazing and talented performers .

Get in touch if you would like us to host your burlesque event in London and beyond and let’s wow your clients and friends!

Come and join us – Vive Le Cabaret!

We are hosting a show on April 20th in Leicester Square Theatre

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