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This is the Facebook page of the production company, MostWantedPictures created by Stuart Brodie and Kevin Harvey.There is also a youtube page title MostWantedPictures. If you do enjoy the Short Films tell your friends and help spread the word!!!!
This is the Offical page for MostWantedPictures.
We are now a FIVE time Nominated Production Company and WINNER of the Most Aspiring Award!
Founded by!!
Stuart Brodie (Two Time Nominated)
Kevin Harvey (Nominated)
Important People!!
Jenna Murray (Two Time Nominated) (Winner of Special Award)
Stephan Singleton (Music)

Notable (Nominated) Films!!
Five Stages (Directed by Stuart Brodie)
Its not Easy too forget (Directed by Jenna Murray)
Have Mercy (Directed by Kevin Harvey)
the Hitman (Directed by Stuart Brodie)
This Love Will End Me (Directed by Kevin Harvey) (Not Nominated but overlooked)

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