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Mavity & Co is a creative agency and production company all rolled into one.
We make online adverts, virals, pop promos and lots of other bits too.

At Mavity & Co we are young things, who have grown up alongside
these new digital platforms. We understand them. So we instigate, not imitate.

New ideas are risky, as they are untried.
But the unknown is an incredibly powerful tool as it gives a point of difference in over saturated markets.
We believe in originality and undiluted ideas. Thinking via committees and market research has stunted creativity.
It is born out of fear of getting it wrong, not determination to get it right.
Making your company stand out amongst its competitors means taking risks.
It is more comfortable to be cautious, but creative risks lead to the biggest gains.
So we encourage instinct. We encourage boldness.
We may not be the right fit for you. But we are young, hungry and determined not to play it safe.
So if that sounds intriguing, please get in contact.

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