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Chaos Films: Dreams and Visions

Chaos Films is dedicated to owning the means to production, allowing us to pursue a vision of art, action, and excitement that would be out of our reach otherwise. Our goals are simple:

Entertain: Our stories are meant, first and foremost, to entertain the audience. We offer challenging stories, classic tales, and vivid reinterpretations of classic storytelling structure. Our audience is greatest critic, and no praise is higher than their enjoyment.

Excite: By doing our best, we offer new ways of telling stories. Never will we take our audience’s craving for solid, well told stories for granted and cheapen our standards. Chaos Films will be known as an innovative force, thrilling audiences with new stories and new ways of telling them.

Art: Movies are a collection of artistic endeavors, from lighting to Cinematography to editing and sound. Chaos Films will honor that truth by striving to work that is artistic as well as exciting and entertaining.

Chaos Films: We don’t know any other way to be.

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