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Danish Fashion Photographer Morten Andersen ( began his career in front of the lens. As a European model for Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani, he traveled the continent working in numerous international campaigns. By the late 1980's, however, he traded stability for adventure and moved to South America. Instead of just modeling, he began his career as a photojournalist.

Over the past 15 years, he has shot spreads for most of the world's top magazines including National Geographic, GQ, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Wired, Monocle and Marie Claire in a variety of settings. His trademark front row shooting brings viewers into the intimate and dangerous corners of South America, from policeraid in the favelas (shantytowns) in Rio de Janeiro to exploding coke labs in the Colombian jungle.

With a passion for chilean wine, argentine football and brazilian beaches this continent is paradise..

"Since I saw the World Cup in football in 1978 as a little kid sitting in Denmark, I always thought that I had to visit Buenos Aires and South America one day. One day i left for Buenos Aires and never came back...."