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Flammarion Vieira, born in Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul, brought up in Parana until he was 6, when he moved to Brasilia and lived until the age of 28, at that time he went to Portugal where he studied contemporary jewelry at "Direct Contact", having Filomeno Pereira de Sousa as his master in 1998. In 1999 he studied design at the "Scuola Leonardo da Vinci" in Florence, from that on Flammarion has not stopped working with jewelry design and ornaments. He was the creator of BSB Design Jewelry, an exhibition that has brought together in its two phases 40 of the best jewelry designers in Brazil.

The artist created and developed together with designer Simone Coste the Abalô brand, having as a purpose to show that simple ideas combined with innovative techniques, quality materials, gemstones and gold along with a contemporary design recalling to a mix of fancy Hippie Chic for contemporary people.

He was responsible for the creation of Clube Café, a brand that led to a broad range of concepts and other design pieces. Inspired by his valuable network that was formed by people with attitude and good taste in a world marked by globalization, emphasizing the local culture, unique and authentic identities. Always using innovative materials, with singular pieces, Club Café is an experiment, beauty and standardized art reference.

Currently the process of creating of its works in assemblage is inspired by times, places and characters stories that express the concept embodied in the diversity of exclusive materials, such as jewelry, boxes, 3D paintings including the concept of jewel-object (painting and jewelry ), covering much of Europe and touching hearts with a contemporary art and the artist’s authenticity.

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