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Scott Hammond is a Parenting Expert and as a father of 9 children (all theirs) offers a unique point of view on fathering and intentional parenting.

Scott is an Award Winning professional speaker and has been recognized as a business consultant/coach with 30 years of marketing experience.

Having earned his BA in Recreation Administration/Liberal Arts at Humboldt State University, Scott has worked in radio, newspaper, and the Cable TV ad sales industry for over 25 years.

Recognized as Award Winning Competent and ATM Silver Toastmaster, and a graduate of the Cascadia School of leadership, Scott has completed and graduated from Pro Track, the National Speakers Association Northern California’s professional speaking school.

Scott uses a comfortable, personal speaking style to motivate, inspire, and train people toward positive personal, parental, and professional change and growth. He uses real life stories to connect with his audience via genuine authenticity and transparency in sharing ways to overcome life and parenting obstacles.

Born in Emmetsburg, Iowa, he grew up in San Diego, California before moving to McKinleyville, California where he resides with Joni, his wife of 31 years, and their 5 of 9 kids. He continues his lifelong quest to Be Here Now, enjoy rich relationships, and to make a positive difference by leaving a compelling legacy.

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