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Director | Photographer | Composer

Charlie Wan is a multifaceted director, photographer and composer. He creates stories to elevate brands and provokes emotions from his audiences. It is no small task to define Wan's role when he can seamlessly move between film direction, beauty/fashion photography, and music production in the worlds of beauty, fashion and performance arts. His style has often been described as ethereal, dreamy, emotional and melancholic.

A former Art Director in the television and motion graphics industry for over 14 years, Wan has worked for companies like Frogdesign, UVPH, VT2 and Impact Digital. His extensive background has earned him a wide variety of projects from designing The Rolling Stones' stage visuals, creating Pepsi TV commercials; to producing the record-breaking Superbowl halftime show for rock legends The Who. His clients include L'Oreal Professionnel, Oribe Hair Care, Make Up For Ever, MTV, VH1, Adidas, Fred Perry, Nike, Pepsi, EMI, Ford Motors, Chi, Farouk System, Pinko, BET, Syfy, CMT, Adobe, All-Clad, Superbowl, The Rolling Stones, and Shakira.

Currently, Wan is expanding his voice to the performance arts. His recent collaborations with acclaimed choreographers Greg Dolbashian and Loni Landon for the fashion dance films "Lean On Me" and "Daywalking" created a buzz in both the fashion and dance worlds. Three preview screenings were sold out at the Tribeca Cinemas during New York Fashion Week. He also recently made his debut as a composer for director Cameron Michael's breathtaking time-lapse film "Awaken", serving as a true testament to the boundless nature of his disciplines.

Charlie Wan resides in New York City.

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