Scott Noble

Lancashire / Manchester, England

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Currently work on music videos with

Had my fair share of working cameras/lighting on short films and low budget features.

Recently combined my love of creative video with a new interest Photography with a new toy, the 5d mk2.

Shot with:

Panasonic HMC151/HVX200/HPX500
Sony: Digibetacam/EX3/ZI/V1/
Canon: XL2 / 5d mk2

own kit:

5d mk2 D-SLR / MiniDV XL2
manfrotto 525 legs with 519 head.
Arri 650 x3

Inspired by films from directors Aki Kaurismaki, Gregg Araki, Alexander Payne, Coen Bros, Guy Maddin, Truffaut, Kieslowski, Godard, Gilliam, Melville, Wenders & Nanni Moretti


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