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Tim Mizee lives under the lighthouse in the seaside town of Scheveningen. Having spent almost all his life next to the ocean, his love for surfing as surf film and photography were born out of that element he had been most familiar with. He surfed for the first time in France and was hooked straight away. He took his new found passion home and started surfing in Holland. Although Holland is not renowned for its quality waves, it does get the occasional swell and in recent years this has prompted a vibrant local surf culture. Tim’s creativity took the better of him and he started photographing the beach, the surfers, and the tight-knit community of Scheveningen. Soon he was asked to do editing work for the surf/skate/snowboard website Tacky which led him to explore film making and writing. Tim saw much potential for surf videography in Holland and therefore began creating short videos of the Dutch surf scene. Swell-line saw the light as his platform for further creative projects. As his portfolio grows, the lighthouse still illuminates his dreams….

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