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  1. Thank for the time you spent to prepare this useful video.. I'm am an hobbyst and i like to have a really fluid head tripod.. (now i have a Velbon DV7000) and your video too confirm to me that this ACE M is a really good product in its price range..
  2. Hi Jayhas, great idea..! I'd like to follow you design in building my own DIY Slider..Just a question before i start to buy the parts i needed.. Are the truck of the skateboard stable? I mean jf you are mounting a head on your slider when your are…
  3. Hi Marc..i see some picture of your slider in the hdvnet forum..great job!! It's one of the DIY project that i like more. I do not find instead the thread in the DVXuser forum.. I'd like to build a slider like your and i need some more info..For…