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  1. Great podcast. Amazing woman, in beauty and every other facet also. All though I think she needs to lighten up a bit more when the jokes got dark, it's all in good fun. I think Brian was hilarious in this episode, not just because she said that too…
  2. Eddie Bravo was a grumpy fucker this podcast.
  3. I agree with what your saying in theory but come on now this one was really long compared to the others and it seems lately more and more ads are being inserted in the intro there. I myself dont care cus' I rarely listen live thus I just skip through…
  4. One of the best JRE podcast's of this year thus far. Really great to see Dice as a guest because he truly made a great one. His son, although a little quiet did seem funny and when he did tell a story I found it very interesting and well told. I'd…
  5. LoL yeah those guys are seasoned pro's. My favorite O&A bit is when a caller calls in and random Norton decides to become 'Mean Jimmy' and just tear the caller apart in a unnecessarily mean way. I die laughing every time that happens. Norton makes…
  6. WHOA!!! Walter from Breaking Bad is in the Fab Faux???!! AWESOME!!
  7. I like the sound effect drops but you gotta reign that shit in like Fred Norris from Stern. Its all about timing. A drop every two seconds becomes intrusive and unproductive and most importantly non-funny. That being said, a perfectly timed and perfect…
  8. Vimeo is 100% more watchable then Ustream. I can pause it and piss without it crashing immediately.