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Videotelephony Inc’s team has been producing, editing, webcasting and publishing rich media for 14 years. Videotelephony Inc. is based in Ottawa, Ontario and incorporated in Ontario. Videotelephony brings multiple national awards of excellence experience, qualifications and key personnel that like exceeding expectations.


Videotelephony offers

-webcasting services
-video production services
-remote simultaneous interpretation products and services
-video applications consulting


Our Values

Originality: We create new communications solutions based on research and development with leading innovators that enable amazing results.

Excellence: We design for excellence in all our engagements. This has resulted in 8 major Awards of Excellence for our client project teams.

Ecosystem Approach: We like to learn from others as we develop multidisciplinary solutions with partners in industry, academia, and governments.

Sense of Humour: A must for any creative undertaking striving for the next level.

Videotelephony’s mission is about creating original media and products you will love to use.

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