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A hybrid cross of traditional gallery and urban exhibition lounge, the heliumcowboy artspace represents the best in young contemporary art, showcasing emerging artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and work towards establishing the future aesthetics of art. Positioned closely to the development and evolutional cycles of young art today, the gallery is aiding artists who are the mould of the art world.

When the gallery opened in 2002, the aim was to establish a place to conceive, show and experience art that is made by and for people living in the here and now; educational or social backgrounds were never in the thought process. On the contrary, qualifications are only our shared battles in life and the complex absurdities this ride presents. Consequently, the heliumcowboy artspace is run as a hub for contemporary life rather than a simple and clean place to present vacuum protected art.

Since the beginning, our motto (and ethos) derives from an old 60ies song: “A cowboy’s work is never done”. This in mind, we at heliumcowboy tirelessly support young artists by giving them the space and opportunity to fully explore their talent at exhibitions, fairs and consequently on the market that eventually will feed them. Jointly, we are getting our hands and minds dirty with the work on a shared goal: to establish a new breed of artists and a unique and probably the most contemporary form of emerging art.

This said, our exhibitions are very distinctive in the presentation of art. We don’t strive to make cool art parties; we much rather support our artists in creating an environment that re-invents the concept of exhibiting. Together, we develop art shows that can be considered authentic in their reflection of our society and selves.

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