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The MeatMen is not just a name, it symbolizes a vision we have to bring awesome dishes at the comfort of our own homes.

We are simply a bunch of friends in the creative trade who love their food, be it eating, cooking, growing, or even capturing in pictures. So it all started with JJ’s obsession to record the whole process of food creation through the lens. That passion soon spread on to the rest of us, and before long we were infected with the food-frenzy craze.

We have the skills ets to cook, we have the l33t skills to make the videos, so why not we just do this?

Other than elaborate dishes, we MeatMen are also about the local cuisines as well. We love FOOD in all shapes, forms, diversified cultures, and tastes, obviously. Our vision is simple, to prove that cooking at home is not that difficult – through our easy to understand videos and recipes. We hope to simplify and visualize it for everyone to make dishes easy and fun for all.

Food is a true universal language that brings as all together. As the saying goes “Tell us what you eat and we’ll tell you who you are”. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American, or anything else, we love these cuisines and want to try cooking and sharing with you guys too.

In the long run, we MeatMen hope to recreate home recipes, be they existing or even those that are lost in time. Come share this journey with us, and we hope you enjoy the fun too! We hope you guys can exchange ideas, experience and cooking tips too.

So pick something and get cooking. Cook on!

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