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26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn ny

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Vaudeville Park now has a new weekly collaborative TV series "Video Vaudeville Presents", every Tuesday 10pm on Manhattan Neighborhoods Network, Time Warner Channel 67 starting September 20th.

This Saturday 9/24 at 7:30pm at Vaudeville Park,
we celebrate the first episode of the TV series featuring the performer, painter, sculpter and bow tied wearing, blob headed video artist in green: Gellochio.

We will be screening Gellochio's 28 minute "Video Vaudeville Presents" tv episode, "The Life, Death, and Rebirth of Gellochio", plus a series of shorts from various video artists curated by our star of the evening called, "Freinds of the Gellochio".

A live analog synth and rare instrument score in the key of green by Ian M Colletti to introduce the evening, with art work, merch and decorations from the mind of Gellochio filling the Vaudeville Park Gallery.

Come on out folks, hope to see you all there this Saturday at Vaudeville Park!

You can find "Video Vaudeville Presents" on the Vaudeville Park website ( very soon, with upcoming Video Vaudeville Events and info.

You can also watch it at home on at then time of it's Tuesday 10pm airings on Channel 67 or on this Vimeo Channel.

And, as a kicker-
Every Tuesday at 10pm starting Sept 20th, in an act of engagement within public art the "Video Vaudeville" 28 minute episodes will be projected with audio on the large window screen facing Bushwick ave traffic at Vaudeville Park.

Everyone will be able to gather and watch, or just pass this strange and beautiful occurrence by.

Please feel free to comment on this page, and contact me directly for inquiries and enthusiasms.

Ian M Colletti

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