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Ysaÿe McKeever is a dancer, choreographer and filmmaker currently working in Chicago, IL. She began her training under the direction of Jeanette Gordon in 2005. Ysaÿe continued her education at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Dance and Minor in Philosophy. There she performed works choreographed by Darrell Jones, Renée Wadleigh, Jan Erkert, Kirstie Simson, Sheldon Smith and more. Over the summers Ysaÿe has trained at the Boston Conservatory and Deeply Rooted intensive programs. She has also had the honor of training at the Taipei National University of the Arts in the spring of 2012 where she performed work by Ming-Lung Yang. Ysaÿe joined Red Clay Dance in August 2013 and has since performed with the company at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Arts Incubator, the Logan Center for the Arts and more. Her most recent dance film, Tizzy, has been a finalist in the Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza in Italy and the Dance on Camera Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.


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