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I remember myself doodling drawing and sketching from very early childhood so I guess I am one of those lucky people who knew from the very start what is their vocation and calling. Growing up as I did in a small picturesque town, at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains a resort area with beautiful forests, majestic mountains and many small creeks all of which have no doubt contributed significantly to my appreciation of Nature and the great Inspiring power that has evolved slowly into a desire to become an artist.At the age of 13, my family immigrated to Israel and in my high school years I took some courses in drawing , painting and woodcarving but it was only after completing the military service that I have started to study art in a more consistent and serious way.Unfortunately, in the years of my formal Art Education, the dominant trend in art schools was the all pervasive Abstraction and my main interest was more in direction of the Classical, Renaissance and Expressionism, so I had to teach myself much of the Academic approach trough observation, going to museums ,studying the Old Masters, reading much on the subject and occasionally taking a class in specific techniques that were related to the study of human anatomy, color theories and classical painting techniques.With time, I started to teach art and trough the process of teaching, I have discovered the intimate relationship that exists between the technical skills required to make a professional painting and the spiritual presence, without which creativity is impossible.Aside of 5 years in Boston, US and 2 years in Budapest, Hungary I live and work most of the time in Tel Aviv, Israel and my studio is located in the southern suburb of Florentin, inspiring me with its bustling urbanism, bohemian atmosphere and laid back, easy going laissez faire.In past 10 years I started to look into a more holistic approach to making art, both in terms of the creative cycle itself and the ways of showing and exhibiting that more in affinity with the shift of paradigms, more suitable for balancing the process of creation with the new ways of marketing based no more on the obsolete scarcity principle but rather on open source and sharing.

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