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MMAPLUS Fight Magazine is a digital publication that champions the UK MMA/Combat Sport sense and is designed to represent, and indeed highlight tremendous growth and success of mixed martial arts/combat sports in the United Kingdom and the world on a whole. We are targeted towards male as well as female readers.

The magazine focuses on the UK scene as well as provides coverage on an international level, spotlighting events in US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, Japan and the rest of the world. MMA PLUS Fight Magazine is distributed via iTunes, Android Market Place and other digital mediums in countries all over the world.

Because of the of the digital format of the magazine there will be no more reading a recently purchased magazine only to discover what you are reading content that is sometimes months out of date.

MMAPLUS Fight Magazine will cover events, fighters and behind the scene information like no other publication. Readers can expect a colourful, as well as insightful publications with exclusive up to the minute content focusing not just on high profile personalities in the extreme combat world, but also those at grass root levels.

The features we run well be of the highest quality and are produced by an excellent team who are not just journalists but true MMA/combat sport fans, which have a genuine interest in this industry. These journalists and photographers will provide extensive coverage of events from around the world in order to produce a comprehensive and interactive magazine.

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