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Giacomo Manzotti was born in 1986 in Modena, Italy.

He attended the undergraduate program in Media Design & Multimedia Arts at NABA academy of fine arts (Milan, Italy), graduating with honors in 2009.

Between 2008 and 2010 he collaborated with RAI Educational and the writer/cartoonist Luca Novelli, working on the animations included within the twenty episodes of the two series of popular science television program for kids "Lampi di Genio in TV".

In addition to the collaborations with the national television network, he works also for the animation studio "Cicciotun" (Milan, Italy), where he broaden his knowledge, working on projects made with techniques ranging from traditional animation to paperless and stop-motion.

In 2011 he attended the Master in Computer Graphics at "Big Rock" Autodesk Training Center (Treviso, Italy), then he works in its research and development department for six month enhancing his knowledge about computer graphics.

In 2012 he started teaching at the digital animation course at NABA academy with the animated films directors Jacopo Martinoni and Michel Fuzellier.

Since 2012 he is working as assistant director at "Gertie Production" (Milan, Italy) for Michel Fuzellier's animated feature film "Fearless Child" and animated TV series "Sbrain!".

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