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Erretres is a consulting firm focused on identity and design, founded in 2002 by Pablo Rubio Ordás in Madrid. Our strength is based on a cross-discipline team that shares a common objective: to find effective solutions to complex problems.

We believe in design as an asset that needs to be included within the strategy of any company. We consider it the driving force that guarantees the success of our products and services.

In Erretres, we bet on good ideas, strategy, technology and quality content.

We have the capacity to work in different platforms guaranteeing the excellence and durability of our products.

We specialize in different media and production management, and we value the simplicity of things through our global vision, professionalism and integrity.

We work in projects related to different sectors that range from culture and the arts to tourism, construction and retail. Our clients, big or small, share our vision.
Erretres' work has been recognized with multiple design awards (Laus, Visual, Fedrigoni Europe and PHotoEspaña). In addition, some of our projects have been featured regularly on specialized design magazines and we are members of the ADG-FAD and DiMad Associations.

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