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As a freelance editor for 20 years, Stephane Pereira has been working both in advertising and in motion pictures.
Born in Paris, Stephane Pereira is the son of a sound engineer who worked for such French greats as Jacques Tati, Maurice Pialat, and Jacques Rivette. As a child, he lived in France, Western Africa, Alaska and California where he graduated from High School.
He went to film school in Paris. Editing every possible school film during his 3 years of study. Learning the craft of editing, and simply finding his vocation.
After which he began working as a freelance editor in Paris. First cutting documentaries. And also experiencing the time-constrained environment of news editing for a senior correspondent based in Paris.
After 5 years of experience as an editor, Stephane started cutting commercials. His strong aesthetic sensibility, his creativity, and knowledge of the film language caught the eye of many through his work in collaboration with award winning directors Lionel Mougin, The Zoo and Laurent Chanez.
With that recognition came the opportunity to edit his first feature film, Le Poulpe directed by Guillaume Nicloux, an audacious comedy drama that received warm reviews.
From then on, Stéphane shared his time between commercials and features as his reputation grew. He developed collaborations with award winning directors Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (Partizan), The Elvis (Partizan), Alain Chabat, H5 (RSA) and Matthieu Mantovani, while still pursuing his collaboration with Lionel Mougin.
As a result, comedian-director Alain Chabat asked Stéphane to edit Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), his second feature film. A huge undertaking which then boasted the largest budget in French cinema history, Asterix went on to become a massive hit in Europe.
Over the years,Stephane has worked for all the major international advertising agencies and has edited 6 feature films. He has worked with award winning directors Jerry Schatzberg, Traktor, Stylewars, Sean Ellis, Peter Thwaites, Philippe André, James Gray, Olivier Dahan, Julien Rambaldi, Emir Kusturica, Grant Heslov, Romain Gavras, Dominic Murphy, Paolo Roversi, Kinka Usher, Josh Taft, Lionel Mougin, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Laurent Chanez, H5, Matthieu Mantovani, The Elvis, and many others. His films have starred such iconic actors as Gerard Depardieu, Omar Sy, Monica Bellucci, George Clooney, Beyoncé, Joey Starr, Melanie Laurent, Jay Chou, Alain Chabat, Kate Winslet,…

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