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We try to push ourselves in Snowboarding and show people how much fun you can have out there shreddin with friends!

Riders involved in this project:

Alexander Franz (GER) - Artec, MOJO, 3D Project & Chanex

Andreas Unterwandling (AUT) - Völkl

Fabian Karg (GER) - Boardmag.com & Boardshop Freiburg (Boardshop.de)

Kai Schüssel (GER) - Ripzone, Nitro, Raiden, Soo fly, Boarderpool.com & BangBangBandanas

Marinus Schuster (GER) - Elan & Goodbois

Matthias Voelker (AUT) - Arbor & Ripzone

Nils Nilson (GER) - Artec, 686, Thirtytwo, Etnies & IS Eyewear

Patrick Rauter (AUT) - Artec, Ripzone, Celsius, Level, MOJO, Ignite, Skullcandy, BangBangBandana & Boardshop.de

Peter Aichinger (AUT) - Arbor, Flux, Alpina, Volcom & G-LOVE Skateshop

Racine Pascal (CH) - Elan

Simon Eder (AUT) - K2, Dragon & G-LOVE

Simon Holzknecht (AUT) - Artec, Volcom, Dragon & Vans

Thomas Lassnig (AUT) - Boardshop.de, MOJO, Icon, Volcom & Celsius

Keep Snowboarding Real!!


  1. Nitro Snowboards
  2. Peter Aichinger
  3. Delirium Crew