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Frankie Panno Is Kneeboarding. Over the past five seasons Frankie has been on fire, literally. Whether pulling crazy stunts like fire starts, tree bonks and boat gaps, to winching with the Byerly Familia, to producing his own feature length films Panno has been slowly rewriting the future of kneeboarding. It hasn’t been all fun in the sun for Panno. Behind the scenes Frankie has been in the workshop overhauling the antiquated kneeboard line into his own personal showcase. From the debut of the industry changing Agent kneeboard to his all-new PannoLock double locking knee strap. Frankie has been upping the ante on what to expect from kneeboard products. 2014 marks Frankie’s greatest contribution to the sport of kneeboarding with his all new PannoShock; an inflatable shock system that cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knees and lower back for effortless riding. Compatible with any kneeboard made, Frankie’s PannoShock will only help fuel the fire Frankie has started and launch his sport into the future.


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