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"I dont believe in creating pretty pictures, I aim to create images with substance and feeling, that causes the viewer to interact and empathize with the subject matter." Trevor Godinho

Armed with creativity, curiosity and an eye for capturing sensuality and beauty in his subjects, Trevor is on the fast track to becoming a known name both the fashion and the art world. His philosophy that art is not created by one person but from the ego-less contributions from many parts for one singular purpose, to capture truth. This is apparent in every image he captures. His aim is to cast aside the false and capture one's vulnerability, fears, hopes and dreams, he feels this is when the subject truly lets down the veil of secrecy and invites the outside world see into their soul; This is a pinnacle part in his thought process. The human condition and nature are two most important elements to Trevor's work and can be seen in almost every piece he creates.

Over his 5-year career he has been privileged to work such names as Michael Douglas, and Nicholas Cage, to designers such as KAVI KAVI and NAZ SWIMWEAR to models from such agencies as Elite, Ford and Elmer Olsen as well as many others from Fashion, Film and Music industries. His work can been found gracing the pages of such magazines such as PLAYBOY FRANCE, MAXIM, ELLE CANADA, INSIDE FITNESS CANADA, CANADIAN HAIRDRESSER MAGAZINE and various other magazines and online blogs on the international stage.

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