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3D & 2D CG artist / Freelance / France
- 10 years of experience in the field of CG Images / traditionnal Art skills and CGI skills
- Strong skills: lighting-rendering-scene assembling-environment-architecture-motion-FX
- Skills: 3D Generalist & 2D Illustrator
- Trained and educated at Traditional Arts & CGI
- Clients & References:
Givenchy Paris, Pages Jaunes villes virtuelles, Archivideo-Territoire 3D, Rte du Rum, Comité Olympique, Navteq, Team Tex, Musée du Sel de Guérande, Images & Réseaux, Odyssée Celtique, Lactel, Documentaire "Carbone ennemi public"...


  1. Samuel Chauvin
  2. Walter Krudop

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  1. Un rigg plein de vie très pro et inventif, bravo Sam!