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‘That which changes our way of seeing the streets is more important than that which changes our way of seeing a painting’

Upper Space is a non-profit street art organisation that is comprised of artists; academics, activists and community organisers. We directly support artist’s practices whilst representing a selection of non-commercial public realm artists that engage with spacial, social and environmental issues within the UK and abroad.

We feel that it is important to understand how the boundaries which shape our society are constructed and how these boundaries are applied, interpreted and discussed in institutional and political spheres but importantly within social and public realms.

As insurgent arts activists, we aim to change certain things in society – to work towards an end, therefore the boundaries that construct our society may need to be transgressed in order to foster new dialogues to understand their shortcomings.

Consequently, our team focuses on a variety of social problems, and our practice encompasses different approaches with people from arts; academics and activist networks. The most important part of our process is to work with others to facilitate shared learning and self education using Upper Space as a platform.

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