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A life long love of still and moving imagery led me to a career in the photography and the motion film industry. As a student at Arizona State University, I worked on commercial film projects that spanned the varied geography of the state. A love of the desert and mountainous southwest developed into a fascination with landscape and night exposure photography.

I spent the 90’s in Los Angeles immersing myself in the camera department on TV commercials, feature films and documentary shorts. My work has taken me all over the world and deepened my appreciation for the collaborative art of visual storytelling.

In 2001 I relocated to Chicago and started my print photography business. I spent the decade working on print projects as well as shooting TV commercials as a cinematographer. Drawing from the experience of both, I was able to shoot mixed media projects, combining TV commercials or web content with print content.

I split my time between Los Angeles and Chicago working as a photographer and cinematographer. I continue to explore short form ‘cinematic reality’ and have a fascination with finding intriguing people in extraordinary environments. It is a subject that I am increasingly drawn to and has inspired short form documentary work that I am proud of. Everyone has a story to tell.

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