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Hi. My name is Dmitry, - my friends call me Dime... (It may sound funny but - this is because that part of my life I traveled a lot all over the world. Currently I live more in Russia. I do not work for any agency or TV channel, in most cases, work alone. I was born in Russia in 1969. And my childhood - frome the 70х to the middle 80х I lived in Canada and England... I am grateful to my parents, for a chance that they give me to understand many things in the days that we lived in different countries). I didn't graduate from any academies and even filming HiSchool. All the works are the ex-recop based on own understanding and vision, limited by the budget of the customers... My customers mostly contact with me by themselves, they find me with the help the Internet. And often they all ready have their own quite clear wishes, ideas and conceptions. (Which are limitations for me). All works posted on this page created in most cases - made by just me (from negotiations to delivery, ordered the video product). Sometimes I attract make-up designers, operators and 3D graphics designers if the budget allows. Unfortunately, In most cases (orders), the total budget for all the work is less than 500$. (for many companies to pay more very difficult here). I think you understand that this is a very strong restriction. To create video I used a different technique, technology and the cameras (usually Canon D60, JVC HD PRO 111E and Sony PMW EX 3- for filming and a lot other staff ). Living in the small towns of Russia, as Orel, is not possible to rent the necessary technical equipment. All you have to buy for my personal use, what is here more expensive than in many places of the world.Thanks for understanding complexity in creating high-quality video because this is not my vision and my skills but with restrictions with each of the works.


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