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Chief Content Officer of CTC Media Inc, Head of CTC Channel. Among the key Viacheslav Murugov’s TV projects are: series Soldiers, Cadets, Ranetki, comedy show Thank God You Are Here, sitcoms Daddy’s Girls, 6 Frames, etc.

Mr. Murugov received a number of prestigious television awards, including the National Television Academy Award “TEFI-2008” - he received the awards in the “Movie/Series Producer” category, in the “Best Sitcom” category for the first original Russian sitcom Daddy’s Girls, in the “Best Comedy Show” category for Thank God You Are Here, and others. He also received “MTV Russia Movie Award-2008” in the “Best Series” category for Cadets. Mr. Murugov has been working in media industry since 1998 and created a number of successful projects for ORT and RTR (two leading free-to-air Russian channels). He also served as Producer at REN TV Channel. Viacheslav Murugov is a Member of the Russian Television Academy.

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