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Willow Elias- Stagg is a London based producer/production designer. Her works include short fiction and documentary films. With experience working on multiple projects, she has striven to obtain the resources necessary to produce the best work possible. Willow Has an appetite for travelling and incorporating film within her work.

Cheap Tickets Documentary:

Nominated for Best Documentary at the 35th Drama Short Film Festival
9/2012 35th Drama Short Film Festival

10/2012 The Drama Film Festival goes to Athens
10/2012 Doclisboa 2012 Cinema of Urgency
12/2012 Ciclo de Cinema A DÍVIDA SEM CORTES,
12/2012 "New and old social struggle: a dialogue between generations" Braga, Portugal
01/2013 "British Shorts" 6th Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival in Berlin
Official selection at Bradford short film festival

2008 Film Transit one best short at the BFI aspire film competition

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