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Collective formed in 2002 in a manic-creative clinic in the city of Porto, Portugal. 3 maniacs are part of, Blast, Nitro and Mots. Their psychiartist states, in the clinical file, the most significant complaint of Maniaks: the social vision of graffiti as an expression associated with marginal universes with negative connotations and their compulsive disorder is the struggle for graffiti as artistic expression equally valid.
In the brain of individuals is an accelerated presence of neurotransmitters in the work of a triplet unipolar.
Crave the smell of aerosol with high cardiac rhythm, may be noted disorders in the nervous system leading to disruption of unconscious mental faculties.
They have a pathological imbalance in the control of ideas in everything they observe, corresponding to an often artistic-compulsive behavior.

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