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  1. New Music Video Production house, specialized in Animation Hi !! my name's Cheng, CEO & director's Rep of Studio Animation Company called Monestable Studios. We are specialized in Animation Music Videos and I've got a director who would love to…
  2. Hi, I'm interested in taking up the offer. I'm young, skilled and very creative director with a free access to film equipment of any kind (including film camera 16mm, digitals as DSLR's and Sony EX3 with Letus 35, lighting, sound and grip equipment)…
  3. Hey Chris, Couple of indie music vids: Performance-based: Another idea of my style: Cheers x
  4. @JeffAdairFilms @dwcfilms contact:
  6. Director/Editor who owns his on camera is needed to form part of the new artist management and video production company. Current artist includes Drahmah. After having already opened up for Professor Green, Skepta and shows alongside Mr Scruff and…