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  1. ▲Climb Me (The Mountain Network)

    by ▲ Climb Me joined

    1,458 Videos / 225 Members

    The world needs people who love what they do. Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter on "Climb Me (The Mountain Network)" and @climb_me or contact us by mail: team@climbme.com

  2. kletterszene.com

    by kletterszene.com joined

    666 Videos / 54 Members

    Alle Videos, die uns gefallen ;)

  3. Climbing

    by Steve Karma joined

    1,854 Videos / 157 Members

    A place to share good quality bouldering climbing videos with others. A few rules for members: 1. Avoid sharing your OWN videos, so it is vetted by others. If you have, expect it to be scrutinised…

  4. Nihongo de Vimeo

    by Kazunori Matsuo joined

    934 Videos / 547 Members

    日本語を話すVimeoユーザーのためのグループです。Vimeoの使い方に関する事や面白い利用法、また日本語のビデオを紹介したりしましょう。モデレーター募集中です。 A group for all Japanese speaking Vimeo users.

  5. Asian films network

    by jihye Han joined

    140 Videos / 57 Members

    We are showing the film of Asian filmmakers. any kind of films, videos, documentaries, animation of what ever you want to show!

  6. Climbing Competitions!

    by Vast Motion Pictures joined

    94 Videos / 55 Members

    Even though we all love the outdoors, sports climbing and bouldering competitions is still fun as hell! This group is the place to put all your sports climbing and bouldering competitions, championships,…


    by Marc Scott joined

    11.7K Videos / 2,969 Members

  8. Bowlder Films

    by Aleix Vilardebo joined

    1,269 Videos / 174 Members

  9. GryfTREK

    by Piotr Wojnowski joined

    351 Videos / 78 Members

    Alpinism, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Drytooling, Trekking

  10. Climbing is fun

    by Berni Kogler joined

    1,258 Videos / 294 Members

    Climbing + Fun = Life


    by √an·Lu joined

    5,129 Videos / 262 Members

    "Cuando un verdadero recio aparece en el mundo, lo reconoceréis por este signo: todos los Recios se conjuran con él". BIENVENIDOS! Este es un -decisorio- grupo formado…

  12. Extreme Lifestyle

    by jopt joined

    8,270 Videos / 1,609 Members

    Sales up to 60%on best outdoor apparel & gear Click Here ==>> www.smarturl.it/vimeodeals

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